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Myotherapy Ringwood

Are you searching for the best myotherapy Ringwood residents trust and rely on? Look no further than Eastside Myotherapy and Massage. We use only the best massage techniques to help you.

You can gain personalised myotherapy treatments from Roy Blakey, our highly trained, fully qualified, and vastly experienced therapist who has completed an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy at Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy and is a registered member of the Myotherapy Association of Australia. Our aim is to provide patient-centred, evidence-based healthcare that focuses on the assessment, treatment, and/or prevention of musculoskeletal dysfunction, injury, and disease.

Whether you have localised muscle or joint pain or restricted movement caused by myofascial dysfunction, we use clinical reasoning, manual hands-on therapy, problem-solving and planning skills to design and implement treatment and management programs tailored to suit your exact needs and health outcomes.

Roy will help treat both your immediate symptoms and the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal pain and/or dysfunction, whether be it behavioural, postural, muscular imbalance, or structural. Your treatment is specifically designed for your individual requirements and precisely customised to suit your condition. Our ultimate goal is to restore, optimise, and enhance your performance so you can have better movement and efficiency with less pain and restriction while doing work, recreational, sport, and/or home activities.

If your day to day life is hampered or in any way inconvenienced by muscle and or joint pain, you might find that myotherapy can bring relief and assist you on your way back to a pain free life. Even when you have no idea what has caused your discomfort, Roy, at Eastside Myotherapy and Massage will undoubtedly be able to help you.

Taking time to listen to a description of your symptoms and circumstances followed by a complete examination of the affected areas will determine the cause of your distress and will consequently facilitate an appropriate course of action that will bring you respite.

Identifying the root cause of the problem, and not simply treating symptoms is fundamental to making a full recovery and to ensure success Roy has a considerable armoury of techniques at his disposal. From deep tissue massage, stretching and joint mobilisation to TENS, dry needling and thermal therapy the most appropriate action will be administered with an explanation of why you are receiving a particular therapy.

Ultimately, your course of treatment aims to improve your mobility and develop muscle strength that allows you to resume activities without pain and suffering recurring. However, if as in very rare circumstances there is no cure for a condition, Roy will educate and offer advice in pain management techniques that will enhance your quality of life.

So, if you want the best muscle care myotherapy or full body massage in Ringwood has to offer, book your appointment with Eastside Myotherapy and Massage. Call 0433-920-696 today!

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