Remedial Massage in Croydon

Remedial Massage Croydon

At the hands of an experienced and highly qualified therapist, remedial massage can offer relief from a wide range of complaints and painful conditions. At Eastside Myotherapy and Massage our independent therapist, Roy, is doing just that.

Dealing with what might be considered minor ailments such as headaches, through to chronic back pain and a wide range of symptoms in between. This can include including strains and sprains caused through accidents or sports and repetitive load injuries. Remedial massage can often deliver almost immediate relief, although sometimes a course of massage therapy will offer the best results.

Initial consultations will require Roy to develop an understanding of the issues causing pain or discomfort. He will conduct a review of your muscles, ligaments and posture, and then apply a targeted massage to the specific areas of the body that require rehabilitation. Remedial massage will increase the blood flow to the affected area and this in itself will enhance the healing process, and in conjunction with the easing of tightened muscles can provide significant relief.

Roy is fully qualified in massage and myotherapy and the treatment rooms in his Bayswater based clinic are clean, calm and air-conditioned. With easy parking in the immediate location of the clinic, Eastside is highly accessible for residents in neighboring suburbs and appointments are available to all, without a referral from elsewhere.

If you are looking for remedial massage or myotherapy in Croydon, book an appointment today and bring an end to your suffering without delay.

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